Kildare’s Audrey Rossa Joins Count On Us Recruitment as Jobs Board Coordinator & Business Relationship Manager

Count On Us Recruitment, a leading provider of recruitment solutions for Family Carers returning to the workforce, proudly welcomes Audrey Rossa as Jobs Board Coordinator & Business Relationship Manager. Audrey is a real example of the skills and professionalism that Family Carers in Ireland can bring to the labour force. Her appointment is a valuable addition to the company’s mission of transforming for Family Carers, the return-to-work experience around their caring commitments.

L-R: Audrey Ross, new Jobs Board Co-Ordinator & Business Relationship Manager with Fiona O’Neill, founder of Count On Us Recruitment

Audrey is a Family Carer to a loved one with a disability and is a highly qualified and experienced professional with a Degree in Business, Enterprise and Community Development, and a certificate in Social Media and Web Marketing. She is an excellent example of the skilled professional Family Carers across Ireland who have qualifications, energy, and skills to give the Irish workforce, albeit on a part-time basis.

Family Carers in Ireland who receive a Carers Allowance from the government are limited to working 18.5 hours per week. However, this limitation does not mean that Family Carers are not a valuable addition to any company. Count On Us Recruitment recognizes the value that Family Carers bring to the workforce, and encourages companies across Ireland to consider these part-time contracts as part of their recruitment strategy.

With the current labour shortage in Ireland, it’s time for employers to think outside the box and include 18.5-hour-per-week contracts in their recruitment strategy for Family Carers. These part-time positions can provide much-needed flexibility for Family Carers to balance their work and caring responsibilities, while still contributing to the workforce and bringing their skills and expertise to the job.

Furthermore, employers can even consider offering two 18.5-hour contracts to fill one full-time role, which would allow two Family Carers to share a position and provide additional flexibility for both employees.

“Audrey’s expertise and experience will be invaluable to us as we continue to expand our services to both Family Carers and employers in Ireland,” said Fiona O’Neill, founder of Count On Us Recruitment. “We are thrilled to have her join our team and serve as a great example of the skilled professional Family Carers who can offer the Irish workforce their expertise and professionalism while also fulfilling their caring responsibilities.”

As Jobs Board Coordinator & Business Relationship Manager, Audrey will be responsible for managing Count On Us Recruitment’s jobs board and developing relationships with businesses to promote recruitment solutions for Family Carers. Audrey’s skills and experience make her an excellent fit for this role, and Count On Us Recruitment is excited to have her on board.