Benefits of Working With Us

  • We are passionate about Customer Service & attention to detail in supporting you & helping you on your return to work journey.
  • Count On Us Recruitment advertises 18.5 hour per week jobs (or less) from across the Republic of Ireland
  • We have experience in negotiating hours per week contracts with employers with great success.
  • Count On us Recruitment was founded and created from Family Carer lived experience.
  • Using our Count On Us Recruitment service saves you time, energy and stress in searching through multiple job boards.
  • We collaborate with many charities across the Republic of Ireland to bring you professional & engagement return-to-work training.
  • Count On Us Recruitment has received the All Ireland Business Foundation – Business All-Star Accreditation

What We Offer

A one stop shop for Family Carers to come to find job vacancies that meet their Family Carer working hour requirements.

  • Notifications of suitable employment and training opportunities
  • Register as job seeker and list their skills/qualifications
  • Advocacy where needed
  • CV advice and cover letter templates
  • Representative body for Family Carers in the workforce
  • Peer support from other Family Carers who have re-entered the workplace or are on their return to work journey
  • Provide templates for government and workplace regulations such as PRSI rebates, Carers Allowance new employment announcements, etc..
  • HR and recruitment advice specific to Family Carers through free webinars Charity recommendations

Our Packages

To Family Carers – FREE OF CHARGE