Benefits to Employers Who Work With Us

  • Count On Us Recruitment offers your business a FREE OF CHARGE job vacancy advertising service.
  • With us you have a readily available pool of talented candidates from across the Republic of Ireland
  • Count On Us Recruitment has a growing database of over 3000 Family Carers actively searching for employment.
  • We are passionate about customer service and attention to detail in supporting you and helping you find the right people for your business.
  • Count On Us Recruitment has a full reach across the Republic of Ireland
  • Count On Us Recruitment has received the All Ireland Business Foundation – Business All-Star Accreditation.

What We Offer

We offer a specialised recruitment service providing readily available talented people at no cost to Employers unlike traditional recruitment agencies.

Standard Service (Free)

  • List employment opportunity on website
  • Share new opportunities on social media platforms
  • Contact database of potential employees with desired skills/location required
  • List Employer as Employer Champion on Count On Us Recruitment website
  • Access to 3,000+ database of potential employees
  • Employer can take confidence in working with an All Ireland Business All Stars accredited company

Additional Services (Paid)

  • Workshops on the implementation of Family Carer Standards in the workplace
  • Support content for CSR, HR Business Award and Grant Aid submissions
  • Online training courses with CIPD accreditation
  • Employee contract templates